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Money Glitch

Hello and welcome to HubPages!

Money glitch to game players is a flaw in computer games that renders millions of dollars when you follow “the rules” and complete certain feats. In accounting a glitch would occur if money just suddenly disappeared the way it did in ’07 during the near financial market crash.

After becoming “A Phoenix” in July’09 and finding myself with only non-existent job opportunities due to the recession; I decided to rise up out of the ashes assuming the persona of Money Glitch and voice my opinions concerning various subjects in an avant-garde manor.

Aka Money Glitch started to utilize her writing skills in grad school, through blogging, writing for EzinesArticles, and creating HubPages; in which, she has been selected as one of the "Top 200 New Hubbers in 2009" and voted by peers as one of the Top 10 Honorable Mentions!

MG joined a community of writers called the HubMob on HubPages where she is improving her freelance writing skills; learning to produce hubs on different subject matters. Since the subjects are diverse and all cannot be viewed at one time here are the topics grouped via categories:

Health | Vitamin Supplements | Herbal Remedies | Fitness | Breast Cancer |

Poetry | Children | Domestic Violence | Charity | Toys | Holidays | Misc Hubs

Some of her highly favored and featured hubs are:

Virtual You: Protection Steps for 2010

Tattoos for Breast Cancer Survivors

Deadly Secrets - Will Kill Your Man

If you think you would like to join the HubMob then read Princessa’s Hub to learn, “What is a HubMob and how to join one.” Once you have the 411 then you can just open up your own HubPages account and start writing! It is just that simple; come join us.

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