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Melissa Carlsen

Hello! Please read the whole bio, especially those of you who were referred to me.

My name is Melissa and I work from home. One of my jobs is working here on Hubpages. I love writing and this is the perfect place to get my word out. **PLEASE do NOT copy my work. I use these articles as a source of income and for someone to take my work and put it on their own page just insults me. Please atleast contact me before copying my work**

Besides writing I like to play video games, which you will probably notice because alot of my stories will include things about games. I've been playing for years and consider myself fairly skilled. I find enjoyment in little things.

If you would like to join Hubpages, click the link below! It's extremely easy to sign up and costs nothing at all! You can even make some money off of it!

**check me out on Facebook too!***