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Mandrake is an accomplished freelance author, photographer and graphic design artist. He is an emergency preparedness specialist who has been certified in the field of Personal Protection and Security Operations since 2002. This education provided him with a broad knowledge concerning the fields of political philosophy and social psychology. It was through this knowledge that Mandrake became acquainted with, and developed an interest in, the sociopolitical philosophies of individualism, primitivism and minimalist living.

To compliment his emergency preparedness training, Mandrake developed wildcrafting skills with a special emphasis on the ethnobotany of the eastern Native American and Pennsylvania Dutch cultures. He considers his interest in the wildcrafting of past and present cultures in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Appalachian Mountains one of his many hobbies.

Mandrake’s inquisitive mind and spiritual nature inevitably led him to develop an immense interest in metaphysical subject matter. Through his study of metaphysics and other branches of philosophy he has acquired an extensive knowledge of cosmology, ontology, and natural theology. He is also quite knowledgeable concerning the Christian and neo-pagan religions and their philosophical underpinnings.

Mandrake also has an interest in cultural anthropology and alternative history.

In addition to his intellectual interests, Mandrake is a staunch proponent of parents’ rights, autism awareness, good stewardship, individual liberty, natural health, educational liberty, the free-flow of information and the abolition of the prohibition of naturally produced substances.

Mandrake’s personal philosophy is to live and laugh as much as possible, seek truth and never concede to defeat. His motto is simply: "God is my drinking buddy."

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