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Lawrence P Wilson

Born and raised in the small town of Wild Rose, Wisconsin, I was privileged to have grown up in a time and place where families were close and the pace was easy.

My life centered around school, church and the Milwaukee Braves. Fish and friends were plentiful.

The future was wide open and secure.

My resume under “Education” reads; “attended here and there with no defined major area of study and no advanced degree.”

I’ve worked at such occupations as; farming, truck driving, firefighter and investigator.

I’ve jumped out of airplanes and de-beaked chickens.

I’ve picked pickles and known the working end of a shovel.

I once got a job in a nursing home, not knowing the difference from a sphygmomanometer and a bed pan.

Now I do.

I’ve seen people die and helped some to live.

I believe in God.