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An electrical engineer by degree, I would hardly consider myself your typical engineer. Sure, my full-time job consists of proposing, designing, and testing a variety of systems. But my real passions cannot be experienced in a cubicle.

Adventurous! Innovative! Creative! Unpredictable! These are words that better describe the life I strive to live. Ever since I was a wee lad, I have always pushed myself to do and experience new things--all while trying to learn everything possible along the way. And when I come across things that really interest me, I put as much time and effort into them as I can afford.

Many of my most significant endeavors have resulted from my great love for the outdoors. I grew up in the Boy Scouts with many weekend backpacking and canoe trips. My love for the forests and hills eventually grew into a love for the mountains. I became an avid rock climber scaling cliffs up and down the eastern United States. And when the weather turned cold, I gave ice climbing a shot.

Now I have been relocated to Florida where there is little rock to be found (and certainly no ice!). Fortunately my scuba certification has come in handy as I begin to seek out the depth rather than the height. However, my adventurous spirit is not satisfied merely viewing fish in reefs. Instead I am preparing to explore deep into submerged caves where few dare venture.

My interests are not limited to the outdoors, though. As early as elementary school I was very passionate about multimedia and technology. I created and edited films, designed and ran audio and lighting systems for theater and stage productions, and made my first computer programs. As I grew older, these interests matured into my degree and countless side projects. Some have found their way onto the Internet already. Though you will have to stay tuned for the next big thing!

My Hubs admittedly have little coherent connection to one another. I cannot confine myself to any small list of topics as I constantly learn more about dozens of wildly interesting subjects. But if there are ever any topics you want to hear more about, let me know and I will see what I can do!

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