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Hi. Thanks for wondering who I am. I'm still wondering that myself. In brief, I can tell you I'm a professional writer and translator. I write about natural history (my original field of study) and do translation/adaptation and editorial consulting for French films and books on art (more recent interests).

I'm also a California native who's now spent most of her life in Paris. There are a lot of things I'd like to write about France and other topics just for the sake of informative fun and sharing. Writing here also gets the creative juices flowing again when I'm stuck with writer's block on my writing for traditional publications, and since I've discovered that writing online is a whole different ball game, HubPages also eases me into an understanding of the inner workings of Internet and SEO.

Then there's the interactive community. I'm glad to be a part of it and was honored to be interviewed by Hub Pages' fun-loving ambassador Simone Smith and to win the 2012 Most Awesome Hub vote for my video article on the Wild Ibex of Mont Blanc.

I'm also experimenting with a new HubPages account dedicated entirely to food and decorating, DIY and the like, so if you'd like to see more from me in these areas, check out Letitialicious here in HubPages.

P.S. I sort of pride myself on using my own photos with few exceptions for which I generally ask permission. If you'd like to use any of the photos I've posted, please use only mine, with a backlink to the original hub. I just don't want to sell out someone who's entrusted me with their photos. Thanks.