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Jeffery Martin

My name is Jeffery Martin,

I grew up in Haltom City Texas, and have always lived and worked in the Tarrant/Dallas county area.

I have been an armed Security Officer for a little over ten years now; and have been a Personal Protection Officer for almost three.

I have performed security functions for several different kinds of properties: businesses, apartment complexes and housing projects, and tourist attractions.

To supplement my TX PSB licenses, I have received training in less lethal weapons, first aid/CPR/AED, emergency response, terrorism/WMD awareness, event security planning, investigation, and field training.

I own several firearms, but my favorite subject is knives.

I have been collecting knives since I was 13 years old, and have had many different kinds; from the cheapies you can buy at the dollar store, up to the more expensive name-brand "tacticool" knives that everyone loves.

My favorite style of knife is definitely the Swiss Army Knife. I am a big fan of Victorinox, and own several of their knives. I plan on collecting more in the future.

Knives and multi-tools will be the main topic that I write about, but occasionally I will write about other related topics; such as camping/survival equipment, and law enforcement/security related equipment.