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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my profile and I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I am a language teacher and writer. I was a translator and editor in the past and I occasionally have a project or two related to that. I am available for guest posts, ghostwritten articles, and translations. You can contact me through hubpages to discuss any opportunities or offers that you may have for me.

Some topics that I am passionate about are traveling, languages, food (especially healthy living and homemade variations of popular foods), and gardening. These are the main topics that I write about here. I also love reading and writing listicles.

I'm a Duolingo Global Ambassador and I participated in the creation of two language courses. I recently launched my online English school (and in the near future I'm planning to start a blog) Freedom With English where I plan to share my students' main difficulties and useful tips about learning English.

I currently spend my time teaching languages (English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish), learning languages (currently focused on Italian, French, German, Guarani, and on improving my Spanish skills).

My dream is to be able to travel all over the world and go on a study exchange. I also hope to someday have my own business related to either languages, travel, food, or plants. Feel free to accompany me as I share my experiences from this amazing journey called life.

I am always open to criticism or suggestions about my posts and love to discover new things, be it food, hobbies, or exciting travel destinations.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my posts! Feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of my services or just want to chat!

Some of my published non-ghostwritten pieces:

Bliss on a Budget in Brazil: