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Janda Raker

Janda Raker is an award-winning travel writer, essayist, and photographer who has thoroughly explored four continents, traveling by train, ferry, motorcycle, cross-country skis, mountain bike, snowshoes, canoe, sea kayak, sailboat, power boat, hiking, and backpacking. She has traveled to wildernesses, big cities, and everywhere in between. Her travel articles have been published in UltraRunning, WingWorld, Amarillo Style, and others. She has written author profiles for The Writer magazine and has also edited and published two anthologies of very short stories--Flash Tales and Flash Tales 2--available on

Janda was an educator, teaching in middle school and high school, in English, Spanish and algebra, as well as some college. School schedules allowed her to travel, and after retirement, as a volunteer, she taught child and adult refugees English as a Second Language for many years. When not traveling or writing, she volunteers at a nonprofit women's clinic.

She wants to encourage her readers to pursue their travel dreams, to head out, meet new people, and see the world.