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Hello! My name is Adam, and I love to share knowledge, write, and learn new things ... which is how I found Hubpages! I started hubbing and writing my blog last year as a way to prepare myself for writing my frist professional article. Turned out that I love writing and want to do more of it. If you'd like to hire me for a freelance job, feel free to contact me at!

I love making people smile, and if I can do that through my writing, then awesome. Over the past few years I have done many little writing projects, written articles, started a comic, and taken up Archery. I am an avid sailor who plans (like all sailors) to one day move onto my boat and sail around the world...


Try to enjoy the simple things in life, because if you take life to seriously, it'll leave you in the dust.

Laugh, live, and love :)