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Eugene Brennan

Eugene is a qualified engineer with a BSc(Eng) degree in electronics, electrical, control and instrumentation engineering and FETAC certified in industrial automation (mechatronics and pneumatics). He has worked on the development of SCADA systems and data loggers, designing instrumentation electronics and developing telemetry software. He's also passionate about gardening, DIY, mountain biking, photography, electronics and all things mechanical and electrical being an engineer at heart!

Eugene writes on a variety of topics on The Arena Group network of sites (Owlcation, DenGarden, TurboFuture, ToughNickel, SkyAboveUs and others). He has over 40 years experience of DIY and gardening and the guides he writes shares his knowledge of these subjects. He also writes on other miscellaneous topics including electronics, math, physics, programming, health, photography, technology and small engine troubleshooting. You can view them all here:

Eugene's Facebook group "Talking Tools" is a platform for pros and newbies to talk about tools and DIY projects, share reviews and tips. Novices can ask questions and get help from more experienced members. You can join the group here:

You can also follow Eugene on Twitter: @EugenesDIYDen