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Intrigued by information and an ambition to learn, I have decided to become a writer on hubpages to learn from other hubbers and share some of my talents and interests with others.

I have always been a huge aquarium enthusiast, I have bred guppies, platties, and many other types of tropical fish. I like to have community fish in some of my smaller aquariums, but I am mostly fascinated with aggressive fish such as African cichlids and South American Cichlids. I like to write about almost anything and everything, but my greatest focus has always been SEO, advanced link building strategies, social media optimization and fitness related topics like building muscle. I also like doing product reviews or health related articles. I have more than a few years of experience with e-commerce and everything that includes increasing traffic to websites and website promotion. You can check out one of my twitter articles that talks about how you can get more followers on twitter by using twitter trends.

I've been called a dreamer but I think I'm more of an optimist. One of my favorite quotes is "when we lose our ability to dream, part of us dies". I think dreaming is important, I believe in reaching for the stars, and one day I hope my dreams take me to my dream home somewhere off the coast of California or perhaps somewhere else near the beach.

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I have been making a living online for 3 years and I am 22 years old. I feel like I have learned so much, but I always like to say that I've never learned enough because it makes me work harder. I always seem to meet so many inspiring people online and its great to work with a community of people that share information on similar interests.

Twitter has also become a huge part of my marketing efforts, I use twitter on a regular basis and I love to write articles about subjects relating to making money on twitter. In fact, here are some of my favorite youtube videos that are very helpful to anyone that is trying to get more followers on twitter. In case your not familiar with Twitter, the more followers you have the more money you can potentially make and the more traffic you can generate. In addition to my twitter fascination I also keep up with twitter blogs that help me get more followers on twitter.

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I appreciate all ratings and comments on my articles and I do my best to reciprocate to other hubbers that share an article with a friend on digg or on twitter. I hope to continue to meet and work together with other hubbers because I enjoy a sense of teamwork and I've found that it works better for everybody when teamwork is emphasized.