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I am a thirty something male located in the UK. In my âproperâ job I am an ACCA qualified accountant working in general practice and looking after the financial and tax affairs of several individuals and small owner managed businesses. Like many other people using the internet to share their interests, and generate some extra cash, my aim is to get out of the daily hum drum of having a nine to five job and make a living from doing some things I love, like publishing written material and photographs. I have a thirst for knowledge and make it my objective to learn something new each and every day, and I find the internet a great tool for this. As well as taking I like to give something back and like to share the knowledge, tips and advice I have picked up from various people. As well as the internet I have several other passions including photography, motorsports (mainly motorcycles but I will watch anything with an engine), fishing, travel and spending quality time with my wife, who fortunately shares all my interests. I use the internet as an outlet to share my thoughts, opinions and knowledge and if someone can learn from my experiences, or use some of my tips and adapt them to make them better then my time on the internet is well worthwhile. I have also recently set up a Facebook page dedicated to all things Canon and Canon related. Please feel free to check it out at and see what you think.