I am compu-smart, one of the many authors here at hubpages who write articles.

I wished I had some post-nominal letters I could place after my name to indicate that I have a degree in any of the subjects I write about. Because I don't, below is my CV.

Born and bred in London and from the age of one to twenty-five, I have lived in numerous "institutions" (luckily and thankfully), no asylums" with every race and religion. I feel lucky to have led an unorthodox and unique life, living among every type of individual with all kinds of mental and physical disabilities/problems and disorders. Iv'e met some of the kindest and genuine people in the world. As well as the total opposite, including cunning con-artists, rapists, robbers and murderers. Criminals of every shape and form - the good and bad! I have come to realise how devious adults and children can be. Either by their thoughts, words and/or actions.

My upbringing and experiences has taught me to think in and outside the many shapes of life - become a problem-solver, inventor, innovator and thinker.

I don't walk around with rose-tinted spectacles, or with blinker. I do see subliminal advertising, just as much as passive bullying and the many injustices in the world, which most people do not.

Every article I write at hubpages is written with a passion to share my lifetime of knowledge from decades of experience gained through studying, observing, and experimenting, and living. As for experimenting, I am my guinea pig. Tell me not to do something and I'll do it to find out what will happen. For example; When young, I was told "don't watch too much TV or your eyes will go square". I did and they haven't. I was told, "don't look at the light from arc welding". I did and later that night, my eyes felt like they had broken glass in them. I've taken every pharmaceutical and illegal drug I could get my hands on, out of curiosity and not addiction.

Thinking back, and knowing what I do now, I wonder how many of the people I grew up with who had physical disabilities and mental illnesses due to their parents/grandparents' lifestyle - or the medications, illegal drugs, cigarettes, or the alcohol they consumed/abused. The knowledge I have learned makes me believe their physical and mental problems could have been prevented with the right information to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, Our ancestors never had the information we have today. I now know how a person's lifestyle can play a vital role in our overall mental health and physical well-being/ability.

Health And Medical Qualifications: I have studied many subjects endlessly to discover how the 'right' nutrition and 'correct' exercises can help the body and the brain deal with illness and diseases. As well as good sleep habits and good company - as well as avoiding stressful people and situations. Living and thinking in-and-outside the many boxes, cubes, octagons, and other shapes of life.

I am like an organic natural sponge, soaking up the toxic water to mentally purify it.

I observe strangers, see who they are, how they live, what they do, and eat. Observing people I know, asking what problems they have, any medication they're on, including any training or exercises they do, and of course, what their family history is (nosy I know). As well as observing other people's lifestyles, and the stories they have shared along the way.

The more I learn about everything in life, the more I realise I still don't know.

I never take anything at face value. Any information I hear is stored in my mind like a jigsaw piece. The more I 'hear' of any subject, the bigger and clearer the picture becomes. I'm observant, honest, and never exaggerate. Everything I write is based on my mental algorithms based on evidence/studies/investigations and experiences accumulated in my mind.

I am like an organic natural sponge, soaking up the toxic water to mentally purify it.

I read newspapers, books, and magazines. I listen to scientists of all fields, university lecturers, nutrition experts, rheumatologists, physicians, toxicologists, and pathologists to establish how the things we do, and what we do and consume can/will affect the mind and body. All were adamant that specific foods, vitamins, proteins, minerals, no stress, and exercise are fundamentally needed by the body for long and healthy life. And eating the correct nutrition and doing the right exercises for your body, age and disability can potentially cure, reverse, and repair many health problems people have including cancers.

Internet/ Computers. I have been online since Windows 1998. I have experimented with and used multiple browsers, antivirus, and anti-spyware programs, and multiple web chat clients throughout the years. My curiosity has sent me all over the world traveling the World Wide Web to discover how amazing and useful it is. And how dark and deadly the web can be.