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CS Drexel

A brief autobiography:

-I was born

-Interesting stuff happened

-Now it's today

Whew. That's some pretty intimate information. I should tone it back a little:

-Interesting stuff


I tend to pick up great little nuggets from around the globe, whether from my working life as a teacher or from my actual life as an outdoor sports enthusiast, birder, fly fisherman, artist, wanderer, gardener, bear wrestler, astronaut, Nobel prize winner, 5 time Super Bowl MVP, inventor of oxygen, etc.

So let's make a deal.

For my part, I'll write about interesting and useful topics, everything from queuing etiquette from around the globe to the best techniques for calming an upset trout/parrot/Venus flytrap/teenager. Each article will be well-written, the vast majority of the words will not be made-up, the information content will make you a better person, and I can personally guarantee you will not be kidnapped by Bigfoot while reading my articles (Note that this is seldom promised with such confidence in this day and age). Plus, they will be funny, if only to me.

Your job is easy: read it. That's all.

If you aren't entertained, enlightened, curious, or at least mildly disturbed in two minutes, I will refund the oxygen you used during that time by holding my breath for two minutes, thus making it available for you to recover.

Sound fair? Good. It's a deal.