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Umesh Chandra Bhatt

I am a postgraduate in Physics and had worked as teacher in Physics for 3 years and later worked in oil industry for about 36 years after which I retired and now am engaged in creative writing, answering questions, participating in forums in various online sites.

I am particularly active in one site which is an online site for knowledge exchange, creative writing, and information regarding educational matters, admission procedures, and other related things. Presently my status is a platinum member there and I have published there abooout 65 articles. I have also made a place in that site for answering the various queries of the members and visitors and so far able to answer more than 2500 queries on various matters predominantly on educational topics and issues. Recently, I have started writing articles, stories, and poems on another site which is very popular in India.

Occasionally I post blogs also in my blogsite knowledgeelements in the portal.

I have interests in reading all sorts of books, participate in online writing contests, writing articles on varied subjects, etc.