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Ben raber

I am a full-time worker, going to school fulltime at Western Michigan, taking online classes, with the view of eventually earning an MBA through WMU's local campus.

I love to learn.

I am interested in Fitness (I work out three times a week in the morning before work) firearms, Europe, cooking, economics, government, politics and history. Though I do find cultural history fascinating, the truth is that military history is what I find most fetching. Both on a strategic level and a tactical level.

I love to DO things and actually experiance them myself. It helps me appreciate the world around me. That's why I love to cook and expriment with food. I like to know th ehow and why things taste the way they do and what exactly they are doing to my body on the way down. It's really the same reason I like to do whatever I do, I want to experiance it first hand. Whether it's lifting weights, driving a truck, shooting a certain gun or just doing a job. I love to learn.