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Bill De Giulio

Hi, my name is Bill, and I live here in Western Massachusetts at the foot of the Berkshires. I have many interests but I especially love to travel, have a passion for photography, love being outdoors, and look forward to visiting places I’ve never been to before. I am also an avid runner, a lifelong tennis player, and have recently picked up pickleball, which is quite addicting.

My articles are mainly focused on the travels we have taken and how others can benefit from our research, planning, and discoveries. As much as I love to travel, I also really enjoy the planning and research that goes into making every trip a memorable experience. My favorite destination has always been Italy, and we have been blessed to have visited many areas of the country. It really is a place that has something for everyone. Over the coming years we have many new destinations we hope to get to throughout Europe and beyond. It’s a huge and wondrous planet we live on filled with diverse cultures, amazing history, and incredible natural beauty, and I hope to get to explore as much of it as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.