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Vicki Carroll

Vicki Carroll completed workshops hosted by the Insitute for Writers and began writing for Hubpages in 2009. She finds the Hubpages community richly rewarding. Almost all of her articles are featured and she has had over 200,000 views. Vicki was nominated by Hubpages for "most beautiful article 2022" and she has also been acknowledged in outside writing competitions.

Vicki has a serious intellectual curiosity which drives her topic choices ranging from the natural world and plant medicine to music and psychology. She also enjoys writing poetry, essays, and flash fiction. Vicki's favored writing style is to fuse nature and humanity for her readers who particularly enjoy her "photographic journals."

Vicki completed the Paralegal Program at Mississippi College before obtaining her batchelor's degree at Millsaps College in Political Science (both with honors). A liberal arts education and a forty-year career as a paralegal honed her research skills and exposed her to numerous aspects of the civil, criminal and corporate worlds. She also pursued her love for the outdoors by completing a Wilderness First Responder program and served in that capacity for over 10 years while leading backpacking, caving, and other outdoor trips.

Vick's love for essential oils inspired her to become a Certified Professional Aromatherapist (250 contact hours) in 2021-2022 and she intends to pursue a clinical designation in the future.

Vicki is also in the process of writing her first book.