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Audrey Kirchner

I am a 60-something-year-old medical transcriptionist, on-line transcription instructor, transcription business owner, writer and photographer. I am also a seasoned wife and mother of 43 plus years.

I am the recent author of my first book, "Mourning The Loss of Your Favorite Dog," a loving tribute to the most wonderful dog I've been privileged to own, my beautiful Griffin the Malamute.

My interests are many; just a few would be healthy cooking, social problems, the environment, family life, personal relationships, "handicaps", overcoming abuse, travel, photography, and dogs. Speaking of dogs, my current life expertise lies with the infamous Alaskan malamute.

I write on a variety of topics, my opinions and insights based purely on my background and my heart. I do believe in everything having a purpose and learning from what life gives us. It's been said I'm a pro at making lemonade from lemons and that truly is the greatest compliment anyone could give me.

I'm in love with life and I'm in love with love. I also find comedy is a great healing elixir. Visit some of my comedy hubs and please be assured...they really did happen.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read what I write. In so doing, you do me the greatest honor.